CAIADA - Ceramic Workshop




° Iberian migratory bird;

° from the Latin "cañare", painting with lime flower, an ancestral technique widely used in the houses of warm countries, which I cherish so much.

I am Sonia, Portuguese, settled in the Basque Country since 2012. Coming from Portuguese immigrant families, passionate about the South, in love with travels and the encounters we make there. All these life experiences lead to unique and unforgettable moments. It awakens in me a need to live consciously, focused on the importance of simple moments.

A way of life that I share daily and that I transmit with my pieces created in my workshop in the Basque Country, using the ancestral coil technique. I prefer this method to give the clay its full freedom of expression. My work consists of unique and timeless pieces with organic textures and shapes. The raw material is left visible as much as possible and each piece has its own identity.


Would you like to discover the CAIADA universe? Need more information? Send me an email at ateliercaiada@gmail.com or call me at 0033(0)781491205 and I will respond to you as soon as possible.
Take care,
                                 Sonia - CAIADA Ceramic Workshop